Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Blue Angels show that almost was...

The Blue Angels.  Have you heard of them?  Well, they are awesome.  They are a flight demonstration squadron of the US Navy and Marine Corps that perform across the country every year - except for this year due to budget cuts.  Don't even get me started.  They put on an amazing show, complete with death-defying stunts amazingly tight flight formations and  fly-bys so loud that I would swear that they broke the sound barrier (they say that they don't because they aren't allowed).  It is really an impressive show.  They perform at Pensacola Beach every year except 2013 and we love to attend.

Anyway, I am not much of a beach person.  I mean, have you ever seen me?  I looked so at-home in Ireland that people actually mistook me for a native until I opened my mouth and my 'American' came out. Every year, though, when the Blue Angels fly, Craig and I will take a tent (Yes, a tent.  What?!  I burn like an egg on asphalt.) and spend the day on the beautiful sands and emerald waters of the Gulf Coast.

My mother, the sun worshiper, decided to go with us on this particular occasion because she definitely does not burn.  She would spend all day, and night, at the beach if she could.  She would build a straw hut, complete with hammock and fruity drinks with umbrellas, and live there forever if given the option.  I can feel most of you going "uh, yeah so would I", but that isn't me so I just don't understand the appeal. 

In any case, we packed up our tent, toys, and treats and hauled it 20 minutes down the road (don't hate me, please) for a day at the beach.



So for the "the Blue Angels show that almost was" part.  I assume you noticed the skies in the photos. Soon after the photo was taken, we were eating lunch in the tent when the wind started to pick up a lot.  So much so, in fact, that Craig ran to help a girl who's umbrella started flying away.  Of course, while he was being a good samaritan, our tent collapsed with my mother, Canon, and myself inside.  Let me let that sink in for a minute.  We were trapped under our tent.  I don't think I have have laughed that hard since this moment in time, heretofore named "The Tent Incident of 2012".  Canon, of course, didn't think it was funny and began to panic, so my mom and I had to quickly calm him down and get out from under the tent.  Then came the monsoon.  My mom grabbed Canon and ran to the car (we wanted him out of the lightening) while Craig and I scrambled to get all of our stuff assembled.  Picture us taking down a collapsed tent, repacking our ice chest and backpack of snacks, sand toys, and towels, and hauling booty trudging up the sand dune and back to our car.  The downside?  We didn't see the Blue Angels fly that day (though I hear they did put on a bit of a show after the storm died down).  The upside?  We spent a few hours at the beach without roasting since it was so overcast.  Bonus upside?  We didn't get caught in this traffic on the way home.

Check out the left side of the road.  They are all going towards the crazy storm.  Suckers.  Oh wait, they got to see the show after all.  :-/

Moral of the story?  Go see the Blue Angels - they are awesome - even though I didn't show you any pictures of them.  You're welcome.


  1. what a precious little boy! and these photographs look stunning -- like they were meant for a wedding. what type of lens did you use?

    1. Oh thank you! I just used a standard 18-55mm lens that day.