Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wanderlust : Naples, FL June 2013

When we visit Naples, FL I tend to go camera happy.  Not that I am normally anything else. I don't know if it is because we only see my father-in-law and clan two to three times a year or if everything around us is so beautiful that I can't help myself.  Whatever the reason, I love coming back to see what I captured.  Most of the time it is Canon helping Grandpa and Grandma or horsing around with Uncle Kurt and Aunt Kara, but if I go missing down there it is probably because I wandered off to shoot so flowers or animals.  I cannot get enough.  The vegetation in this tropical climate is beautiful and lush, and because it is in such a wealthy area, the grounds are immaculately kept.  Even the sides of the roads have gorgeous blooms year round.  I guess it doesn't hurt that the "cold" weather is around 70 degrees.  

Just in my father-in-law's backyard, there is a plethora (insert The Three Amigos 'plethora' joke here) of wildlife.  Often, you will find me crouched down, camera in hand National Geographic style, to catch a glimpse of a lizard or to get just the right angle on an orchid.

It's not all flowers and creatures for me though.  We have such a fun time just being together and I have to capture that too.  We spend our time swimming in the backyard pool or playing at the beach (I am usually under an umbrella, if you must know).


Of course, people-watching provides endless hours of entertainment for me as well.

Naples is a constant source of inspiration for me.  Sure, it is too hot to live there 11 months out of the year. Sure, it is a hot spot for multi-billionaires to have their third or fourth home.  But it is also home to beautiful scenery that I could shoot all day long.  Of course, visiting family is nice too.  ;)

Just kidding guys, you know I love you!

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