Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We've Gone Country

Our visits to Reform - aka The Country - are serious business. Inner contemplation of self is promoted at every age and reflecting on the beauty of nature is impossible to resist in a place like that. Our January trip was no exception.

Haha, just kidding. The first order of business when we arrived was to play extreme frisbee outside. By that I mean, Canon threw a frisbee on the roof of my grandmother's house and Craig climbed up to retrieve it. He then proceeded to reenact Step In Time! from Mary Poppins. {Need a refresher? Check out the original here. It won't be as good as Craig's performance, but then everyone can't be as talented as he is, right?}

Grandmama decided to join us outside and it was quite chilly so she dressed in layers. Or maybe she's just gangsta. Yeah, that is probably it.

You know when you want a piece of land cleared so you call the professionals to come out with their heavy equipment and you pay them out the nose to do the hard work? People in The Country just do it themselves. I guess you could say they are the professionals. My cousin is getting married soon and will be living as a newlywed on this plot of the family's land. He and my uncle, with a slew of other people, have begun taking down trees and clearing out the underbrush in their free time. Sounds like a good time to me. *No, it doesn't.*

We decided to head down the road to check out the progress they were making and stayed for a while providing "moral support". It's what family does. The sacrifices.

As was inevitable as soon as tractors were in sight, Canon got to ride for a bit with my uncle. He even knocked down 5 - no 7 - no 15 trees! The numbers grows each time he is asked about the experience so by this time next year he will have cleared the entire 100 acres of the family land by himself. Blindfolded. In the snow.

After all that hard work that we did with the moral-supporting and the tractor-riding, we felt that it was time for a little R&R outside. So we played.

And we talked.

And played some more. Two of my brothers went with us for this trip, so they and Craig decided it would be a good idea to have a manly contest...of handstands.

Wanna know who didn't win that one? I will let this picture speak for itself.

One of my other uncles lives just up the road and has toys that Canon loves as well. I am going to go on record stating that 4 wheelers scare me to death, but while he is riding with this adult at least, I am ok with Canon being on one.

Ok, this powerwheels version is good too.

It is always a fun time when we go to The Country. The fresh air brings out the best in us, and I am so thankful that Canon gets to experience a different lifestyle as well. Plus, where else is going to get to knock down an entire forest?! Barefoot and with his hands tied behind his back?!

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