Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fallin' for you

Oh Georgia, you just continue to amaze me. You sexy beast of a state. You brought it in full force last fall. The colors! The weather! And of course, the leaves!

Amidst the endless hours of raking that we did in those beautiful autumn months {just kidding - that didn't happen. like, ever.}, Canon decided that he absolutely needed a huge pile of leaves to jump in, so reluctantly Craig grabbed the rake and I pulled out the camera. Reluctantly.

Yes, he attends Hogwarts. In fact, he actually taught Harry everything he knows. #truestory

The stream behind our house doesn't really get much {any} use, but it provides some nice shots for me every now and then.

Thanks, Mother Nature. I love you too.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I begin telling you all about my new nephew! Come ready to see my first birth story session. Don't worry, I'll leave out the gory details. ;)

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