Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Evan's Birth - Part 4 : Coming Home

I promised this was my last post about Evan's birth so I will just recap what you already know. A baby was born. The family loves him. Yada, yada, yada. 

Just kidding. Gah, sit back and wait for the pictures to start. #ruuuuuude

I have told you before, and I know you are now aware, but I have a few siblings. Four, to be exact. I would be remiss not to mention that all of them {save for the daddy who had to be there} made the trip to North Carolina to meet their newest nephew.

Poor kid has to meet so many people in his first 24 hours that he probably wished that he hadn't come out until we had all left. Get used to it, dude. We are all going to be there. ALL. THE. TIME.  Mwahahahahahahahaha.

After only two days in the hospital, Evan and parents came home to a par-tay. Cue Aunt Weatherly. She's the fun one, if you were wondering. Seriously, every single kiddo loves her so much because she is wild and funny and crazy. Plus, she has colorful hair. Come to think of it, maybe that's the reason. Kids dig the hair.

Already the comedian, I suppose. Papa John probably put him up to it - whatever 'it' was.

See? Even the 2 day old loves watching her.

Ned, the "relaxed" dog according to Canon who has vowed that he wants a "relaxed" dog too, was a little unsure as to this thing that was taking his mom's attention away. I guess Evan passed the sniff test though because he is still around to tell the tale. If he could remember it happening. And if he could talk.

While some cooed and coddled the baby, others were enjoying the open space of a house vs. a hospital room. Uncle Walker became the {boring and slow if the rider's face can be believed} horse to Canon...

...and apparently vice versa. Yeah, Walker, this seems fair. Do child labor laws come into effect here? #uncleoftheyear

Craig took his turn with Evan, and Anderson decided that he had the right idea. I think that they would all have been asleep within two minutes if given the option.

Canon, of course, couldn't get enough play time with his uncles though.

Baby hogger. There, I said it. I said what everyone else was thinking, but was just too scared or embarrassed to voice. You're welcome.

Anderson, feeling a little left out in the fervor of new baby brother, thought that perhaps she should get a little attention as well. So she clowned around with Evan's stuff. I am not sure that she got the attention that she was actually seeking, but at least she got noticed. Poor thing.

Oh wait, who am I kidding?!

They were looking for the perfect spot for the ritualistic first tattoo that all of our family members have to get in order to remain 'in the family'. Or they were looking at his tiny fingers. Nah, probably the first thing.

The grandparents wanted some shots of all three grandchildren, but with everything going on it was impossible to get a good one of all of them looking at the camera. It's a good thing they're cute.

Bebe, of course, couldn't stand it and had to get a picture with all three of her babies. I don't think they minded. They do love her so.

Thus concludes the recap of Evan's birth. I hope you have enjoyed this production. Come back for an all-new journey from adventures that happened months ago. Wait, I guess they aren't "all-new" then. Eh, semantics.

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