Monday, March 16, 2015

Evan's Birth Part 3 : Meet and Greet

I am going to go ahead and apologize to all of you who aren't members of my family. You see, these posts on Evan's arrival are mainly for them. The people who were there, or who would have loved to have been there. They are for Wread and Morgan and Anderson. And Evan. They are meant to just get the pictures "out there" so I appreciate you being patient with me while I flaunt my Proud Aunt card for just a couple more days.

With that said, here's the proud aunt now!!!

This is just about as close as Anderson wanted to get to her baby brother at this time. As you can see, my parents couldn't get enough, but she was not feeling it. Something about no longer being the baby may have had something to do with it. Just thinking out loud here.

She was, however, willing and ready to ham it up for the camera at any chance given.

This little dude, on the other hand, was completely smitten. He thinks Evan hung the moon. He hasn't stopped talking about having "a little brother AND sister" since. Slow down, man. One thing at a time.

Did I mention before that he is one proud daddy? I wasn't sure if you could tell.

My mother with her two grandsons. Sweet boys love their Bebe.

I had read somewhere that if you are taking photos for a "birth story" that you should be sure and get a shot of the hospital when arriving. The problem was that I was so excited when we were headed there that I forgot. I was left with taking the picture in the midday sun after his arrival. Hey, at least they have the picture, right? :)

The next day we came back to the hospital to visit and Anderson was a little more receptive to her brother. A little.

Sweet baby yawns.

We did manage to get a "family of four" first shot, but I won't tell you how many outtakes of this specific pose were taken.

So I promise tomorrow will be the last "Evan" post, but it will be a little different so a change nonetheless.

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