Thursday, March 12, 2015

Evan's Birth - Part 1

As promised, I come to today with the story of a boy and girl having a baby. Well, sort of. I won't give you all the sordid details {mainly because I hope you already know how all that happens}, but I am especially excited about this one. You see, the boy is my brother {Wread} and the girl, Morgan, my sister-in-law. That makes the baby...


Alas, he will not be revealed in this post. No, I am sorry but you will have to wait for the preciousness that is Evan. This post documents the 'before'. I had the honor and privilege of being asked to photograph the birth of my first, and so far only, nephew. I took this very seriously and tried to capture everything. Well, not ER'THANG, but you know what I mean. 

I remember how it was when I went to the hospital to have Canon. I was so focused on him getting there that I didn't pay attention to the other stuff. The stuff that maybe I would like to be able to remember later, like the sweet glances my husband gave me or the chapstick I couldn't do without. It may seem silly to everyone else, but to me those things matter. It's all in the details, right?

Then let's get all the deets, shall we? Meet the parents.

Morgan and Wread actually asked me months before the birth if I would take pictures of everything and I was pretty nervous that the little dude would try to make his debut in the middle of the night before I could make the trek to North Carolina. Luckily, he cooperated in that respect and allowed them to schedule an induction. So I actually got to ride to the hospital with them and see everything from moment one.

Speaking of the hospital, this one was simply lovely. Each mother got her own room, with a privacy patio, that she would triage in, have the baby in, and stay in throughout her time at the hospital. None of that moving from room to room for every event like I did. Nice, right?

What did I say about the chapstick? Important stuff.

Morgan used a midwife, in addition to the hospital staff and it was wonderful to see the natural steps that she took to make herself more comfortable like a birthing tub, coupled with the safety precautions that were taken by the nurses.

Evan is actually little brother to Anderson, the little girl on the right {my first, and so far only, niece}. Having Anderson and Canon at the hospital for such a long time would have been a LOT more challenging without the help of these little orange guys. iPads, courtesy of my mom. Smart thinking, Bebe {that's my mom holding Canon, Morgan's stepmother with Anderson}.

Aw, look. So calm and peaceful and beautiful. You just wait.

Yep, after hours {you hear that, Evan, we waited HOURS for you}, things finally started to get real.

And all the while, Wread was by Morgan's side. Loving her. Holding her up and helping her breathe through the pain.

But wait, you say. Where's the good stuff?! The baby?! Ah, you will have to come back tomorrow to see that sweetness.

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