Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's talk about trees, baby

Spring officially starts tomorrow, so I's an appropriate time to share our Christmas adventures. That sounded better in my head. 

Truthfully, I am just trying to get caught up on everything that has happened in the last few months. If this gets too annoying being so out-of-season, please let me know. Or don't and just deal with it. Either way works for me.

Moving right along...

We decided to get a real Christmas tree for the first time in our married life last year. We thought it would be a fun experience to go and cut down our own trees in the mountains. You know, it's cold and wonderfully Christmas-y which makes it the perfect family activity.

But it seemed like every weekend there was something else going on. It wouldn't stop raining or we were out of town or...We ended up quickly running out of time to enjoy any tree at all. So one weekend in December, we decided to go on a quest in the most un-Christmas-like manner to find the perfect tree. We ended up at a tree lot located in the parking lot of Big Lots on a fairly warm, rainy afternoon. I wish I was kidding.

Still, we wanted to have a good time with it and wanted Canon to remember his first "real tree experience" so we tried to make it a good time.

He had so much fun running through the trees and thought it was so hilarious that I couldn't catch him. It obviously had nothing to do with the fact that I kept stopping to take pictures of everything. We actually didn't slow down enough to even look seriously at the trees for quite a while.

We were unable to find anything that we loved for a price that was reasonable and eventually gave up. We ended up riding around town looking for different lots in the rain for about 47 hours {give or take a few} and finally landed at a spot. ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE BIG LOTS LOT. No, really. Very Christmas-y spirits were being experienced at this time.

Spoiler alert: We did manage to find the perfect tree and we were so happy with it all season, but you aren't going to see it until next time. I know you are aching with anticipation. Please contain your excitement. Deep breaths.

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