Monday, May 4, 2015

Whirlwind Weekend

The same weekend that Craig ran the Crescent City Classic, we stayed in that fancy hotel, and took in the sights of New Orleans, we also squeezed in a little time with my family to celebrate our April birthdays and Easter Sunday. 

Although there are four April birthdays in our immediate family, the only one that we really went all out for was my niece Anderson. She turned 3 this year and we had so much fun showering her with gifts and attention. And apparently, phallic balloons.

My sister-in-law, Morgan, made this super cute bunny cake. You can say it was for Easter-slash-birthday, but really it is because Anderson is obsessed with bunnies. Like, OBSESSED. See that stuffed animal in the picture above? That is Bummy and she doesn't go anywhere without him. Her. It. Whatever.

It's ok, Wread, let your crazy out.

This right here? This happened about 15 times because she just wanted to blow out the candle. Over and over. And over again. Let's just say no one wanted the bow and ear section of this cake when she was done.

Impromptu family group photos aren't the best quality, but they bring out the best smiles! Or lovey-dovey eyes for cakes. I'm looking at you, Welles and Evan.

Yes, she has a ton of cake on her plate. No, it doesn't matter. She is the birthday girl so she can eat directly from the cake if she wants to.

After cake and presents, we decided to dye Easter eggs.

Morgan got these cute egg decorating kits that included stickers and stands for the eggs.

It didn't take long for Anderson to get tired of the egg thing and move on to bigger and better binoculars.

Look, it's EVE, from Wall-E!

Come Easter morning, Evan was so hungry that he couldn't wait for breakfast. He proceeded to devour this teddy bear. RIP.

An egg hunt came next, of course. They are so fun at this age because they just keep going and going... Once all of the eggs are found, you start taking them out of the baskets {stealthily, of course} and hiding them again.

Evan was totally into it.

E.B. was quite clever this year. Or at least smart. Ok, at least one body part was smart anyway.

Every new baby has gotten a picture in an Easter basket, but Evan did not want to cooperate. I mean, fuggidaboudit!

After the egg hunt, we tried to sit the kids down for a nice photo shoot. I probably took 25 pictures of them. Not one picture had them all looking at the camera. Not one.

Hey good lookin'!

What you don't see is what happened next. Evan popped his head back and hit the brick because...of course he did. He was done after that, and the others followed suit soon after.

I can't even begin to tell you how tired we were after that weekend, but man did we have fun. We had so much fun that Craig and I left Canon to hang with family for his Spring Break week and we went home alone. To sleep. Can I get an 'AMEN'?!

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