Monday, May 18, 2015

Reform: A Day in the Life

Oh, hello. Fancy meeting you here. I just thought I would drop by to see how things are going and, oh I don't know, blog about something. I mean, why not? No one else is writing here.

We took our monthly retreat to the country a few weeks ago and I figured "now's an appropriate time to share." {50 million cool points for whomever can name that quote.}

So a few memories that I wanted to preserve are as follows. I hope you enjoy the stories that go along with these images, for they are the most important part.

Grandmama inherited a cat, named Beau, when my cousins moved to the next town and couldn't taken him with them. He lives mostly outdoors, but does come in every once in a while for some food and snuggles. He has grown fond of us, and we of him, and on this particular day that relationship came through loud and clear. Literally. You see, I began hearing a ton of noise come from the living room and went to investigate. Canon and Beau were staring at each other through the screen door and communicating...via meows. No, I am not kidding. The meowing went back and forth for about 5 minutes until Canon was allowed to go outside and hang out with his feline friend.

In fact, we all decided to go outside together. Canon and Grandmama fed the birds. We sat in the porch-style swing while the boy ran around in the yard, and then Canon got twisted up on the tree swing.

When we finally came back inside, it was time for breakfast and coffee. I couldn't resist a shot of this lovely lady.

Next up were the ever-important car races. Funny how Canon's car won every single time. Me thinks someone let him win.

This area is such a small, close-knit community. Case in point: the family fun day held in order to raise money for the volunteer first responders for the next town over from us. Canon got to sit in a real life helicopter and firetruck.

He took a couple of carriage rides, pulled by miniature horses. They are owned by our cousin so she always gives Canon extra time.

This woman right here. My heart. The matriarch of the family. I am so blessed to call her my grandmother. We are sitting in a building that was once the agricultural building of her high school. In fact, I found a picture of the graduating class that contained her and my grandfather on the wall here, along with the graduation photo of her youngest sister, my great aunt. I love seeing those little preservations of history that are so precious to us.

We packed a lot of "activities" into one day since we had to get back home for soccer games the following day, but during nap time for everyone else I managed to slip away to enjoy some gorgeous scenery. I will share my finds with you tomorrow.

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