Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Atlanta Dogwood Festival

A few weekends ago, we heard that the Atlanta Dogwood Festival was being held in a part of the city that we hadn't yet explored. A free day in the park during a break in the rain? Yes, please.

The boys took full advantage of the wide open space to run around and stretch their legs, while I stretched my...lens. Yeah, that was taking things a little too far.

Canon has this thing. You see, anytime he sees flowers he wants to give them to me. A bouquet in the grocery store? "I want to buy them for you. May I have some money?" A planter in front of his school? "No, Canon, you may not pick the flowers from someone else's garden." A field of weeds wild flowers in the middle of a public park? Now, that is perfect.

In addition to an arts-and-crafts show, they had a kids section with carnival rides and every bouncy house/obstacle course known to man. When it came to the inflatables, he did every.single.one. I don't know why. I mean, once you have slammed into the wall of one dragon's mouth, you've slammed into them all. Amiright?!

I could not get over the beautiful buildings that stood just on the other side of the park.

Canon was not too happy with me when I told him he had to stand there so I could take a picture of him instead of going to play soccer. To be fair, those were intramural teams for adults and it wouldn't have been fair for him to beat the pants off of them. You know, being five and all.

My dear, sweet husband made me hand him the camera and take a picture with my son. I don't have many of those so I cherish the ones I do.

Remember when I told you he was angry for having to take photos? Well, he got over it pretty quickly when he started hearing music. My baby likes to get down with his bad self.

Ok, we are not health nuts by any stretch of the imagination, but we tend to steer clear of things like sodas and a ton of processed foods as much as possible because we like to eat well-rounded and healthy meals. On some occasions though, your kid just really wants a corndog. So we got him one. And then he proceeded to tell us that it was the best corndog he had ever eaten. And man, he loves corndogs. And he wished he could eat corndogs everyday. And...let's just say I am glad that we got him this crap-on-a-stick because he was one happy little dude.

After we had walked through the arts section of the festival, we stopped at the playground for a bit of kiddo fun.

There were so many kids that I hesitated to take too many photos. I didn't want any parents thinking that I was stalking their child. Or thinking that I was searching for the next top model. Or spying for the Irish government. What? I look Irish.

"Hey Mom, take my picture in front of this huge tree! It is even bigger than a monster truck!"

Turns out this Atlanta Dogwood Festival has a lot to see: an arts-and-crafts show, a dog show, carnival rides, and easy access to a playground. You know what it didn't have? Dogwoods. Not one dogwood tree did we see. I mean, who names a festival after a tree that isn't even there?!

Atlanta, that's who.

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