Thursday, May 7, 2015

There's no trouble in your bubble...

...when you're floatin' along! If you know where that comes from, then you too suffer from what I like to call "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse SingSong Syndrom". It is serious. Once it is in your body, it never really leaves. You could find yourself singing the tunes from the show at any time, however inopportune the moment. Years after your child grows out of the show, you may even find yourself quoting lyrics in a blog post that you write, which admittedly has nothing to do with The Mouse at all. Very worrisome indeed.

Anyway, back to the bubbles. My mom found these really cool bubbles that said that they stacked on top of each other so we were anxious to try them out. I am very well aware of the fact that she brought them for Canon, but we had to test them first. Only so that Canon could chase them, naturally.

The bubbles were very colorful and thick and seemed to float forever.

Eventually, they would land on leaves and flowers without popping. The ground was covered with them.

You know what they didn't do, though? Stack. We even tried them during Canon's bath time that night and I actively tried to catch them so that they would stack on top of each other. Marketing liars.

This guy loved them though. He spent the entire time outside chasing the bubbles and having a blast.

And that's what really matters. I guess.

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