Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday : Send funding ASAP

One of the things that Craig and I have dreamt about is taking an RV trip across the United States for a year. We want to see it all, and we think that doing it that way would be a) the most economical, b) the most exciting, and c) the most comprehensive. We aren't talking one of those mammoth luxury RV's {though, if someone just gave it to me I wouldn't turn it down}. No, we are thinking a small RV with an open cab that we can park anywhere and pull a small vehicle behind. And yes, we have thought seriously enough about this to research RV's.

So where would we go? Well, the short answer is everywhere. For some specifics though, I've created a list of a couple of places. Via pictures of course.

Good grief, we live in a beautiful country.

These, of course, would be only a couple of stops on our year-long journey, but they are definitely a good way to start building an itinerary!

And no, it isn't likely that this will ever happen since we aren't independently wealthy. Unless, of course, you guys are willing to start donating to our dream cause. 

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