Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 : Blue Ridge, GA : It's all nature-y, nature-y - Day 5

If you recall, we left off our adventures in Brasstown Bald, at the top of the view tower. After soaking in the views as much as possible, we headed back down the mountain. While some of our party opted to take the van back down, Canon wanted to walk the trail with his loving parents race down the trail with his dad. I was game for that since I wanted to take some photos of flowers that I had missed on the way up. So the boys took off down the path and I took my time with the nature that surrounded me.

Once we all made it to the bottom of the mountain {and yes, I was definitely the last one}, we decided to break for lunch. Earlier that morning, we had packed sandwiches, drinks, and chips for everyone. Andrea had insisted on bringing dip for the chips because "it just isn't a picnic without dip!". #princessalert :) This comment could not and did not go without ridicule for the rest of the day, and into the next day as well. We did eat the dip though. I mean, it was there and apparently "necessary" so we ate it. We may or may not have even enjoyed it. That did not, however, deter us from making fun of her. We really are a cruel loving bunch.

After refueling, we decided to check out one more scenic spot across the parking lot from our picnic area.

By this time, Canon was past his naptime and was having no more of the picturesque moments. He thought this face would deter me from taking more photos. Boy, was he wrong.

On the way home, we stopped on the side of the road so I could grab a shot of this wheat field set against the amazing backdrop. The colors were really beautiful, but somehow I saw this scene as something from years gone by. It just screamed grainy-1920's-shot-of-the-family-plot to me. Makes sense, right? I don't usually process a picture this much, but for some reason this photo forced me.

Back at the cabin, Craig and I took the boy out for a walk and enjoyed our last evening in this beautiful place.

Ah, I can see a light at this end of this tunnel! We are almost there, folks. Almost to the end of this particular journey.

Don't sound too relieved. Geez...

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