Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scouting Expeditions

Our second weekend in Georgia took us back to Red Top Mountain State Park, but we treated this visit as an intel gathering mission. There is so much to see and do and explore in that park that we can see something new every time we visit so we decided to find out as much as we could for future trips. We spent most of our time in the car driving throughout the park, looking at the cabins and playgrounds, and even stopping in a "trading post" for camping information. I did grab a couple of shots on our stops though.

I told you in this post that I had to go back and check out the fluffy white powder flowers. This time I left the boys in the car so they wouldn't try to psyche me out with their snake sounds. I do a good enough job of freaking myself out about snakes without them helping me. Wearing flip flops, because I apparently am a gluten for punishment, I ventured off of the trail once more. Of course, the forest floor is covered with leaves and sticks, most of which resemble slithery creatures out of the corner of your eye. Needless to say, I spent 99% of my time checking and rechecking each step before I placed my foot down. What can I say?! My toes were hanging out in all their glory just waiting to be devoured by an anaconda so I had to protect them as much as I could. I still have all ten though, and I got a couple of shots of the flowers, so I am going to call this mission a success.

On our way home we passed under this awesome bridge. Something about it is just so striking to me so I shot it as we drove through it since there is no place to pull over on the side of the road. I know, I know. A real photographer would just brave the traffic and stand in the middle of the road, but really I am just an amateur. Cut me some slack, will ya? Also, there was a certain four year old boy in the back seat who had missed his nap. Cue the sounds of whines and cries and the desperation to get home pronto.

Since this particular trip was more of a scouting expedition for future activities, we didn't really get out and play too much. However, we learned some valuable tips for upcoming camping trips and a possibility for our anniversary this year. In that respect, I'd say this was a fantastic trip.

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