Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In need...

Most days on this blog I tend to keep things lighthearted. Why not? That is how I see life most of the time anyway. Today though, I would like to ask for prayers. The last couple of days have been really disastrous for a lot of people, and the coming days may prove to be pretty rough as well. These storms that wreaked havoc on Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama have been so devastating for so many and my heart breaks for them.

Last night was rough for us in the Florida Panhandle too, and I didn't sleep a wink. You see, I have an almost paralyzing fear of tornadoes. My heart pounds uncontrollably; I can't sleep; I can't even think of anything other than what the weather may be doing outside. Every single noise I hear, I analyze. Case in point, when the coffee maker started this morning it was a new sound from those I had been hearing all night and I was so in tuned with each noise that it made me tense up until I figured out what it was. I have been so nervous all day today with the thought of Round 2 of these storms that I haven't been able to relax and enjoy my time with the little man. My stomach has just been in knots.

However, I am constantly being reminded that we are being taken care of, and I am so thankful to know the One that made the world has wrapped his arms around us and is taking care of us even now.

So please keep me in your prayers that my nerves will settle, and much more importantly, pray for safety for all those affected by this storm system. Pray for comfort for those who have already lost their homes and loved ones. I can't even image what they are going through right now.

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