Monday, April 21, 2014

Bay Day

Man, I missed this blog last week! I apologize for my absence. We actually started the first part of last week taking care of my best friend's baby. They live a little over an hour away so Canon and I got up super early to get there before business hours and spent our time playing superheroes and villains with an extra cute little dude. Of course, that was only the first two days, so what did we do with the rest of the week? Well, all three of us got sick and spent our week resting up and trying to get well. Fun times. In any case, we are back and almost better than ever. If that's possible. #kidding

Back to the task at hand, though. A few weeks ago I asked my mother where she wanted to go eat for her birthday. We decided to take her out to celebrate and I assumed she would say that she wanted mexican food. Fajitas are a staple in her diet and she may as well have her own booth permanently reserved for her at her favorite restaurant. However, she is also a sun lover and the weather was especially beautiful that weekend so she stated that she would rather take a picnic down to the bay and spend some time playing in the sand and water. It turned out to be the perfect idea.

Being spring, we saw some "animalistic behaviors" going on, which left me singing a little Ella Fitzgerald. Birds do it, bees do it... I will spare you the more graphic photographic evidence. You're welcome.

While my mom and Canon played in the sand, Craig took a little nap. Hey, you have to take advantage of the time when you have it.

I think this means "WHO'S THE MAN?! I'M THE MAN!" Of course, I am just speculating.

"And draw!"

In the end, it was a perfect day that celebrated an amazing mother and grandmother. I love you mom! Happy birthday!

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