Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Funnies : Around the web

In honor of the fact that we are currently going through phobia and sleep issues with Canon, which causes my patience to wear thin much more quickly, I give you these funnies. You know, to help remind me to find the humor in things.

I used to laugh at those parents that acted like this, but now I am so serious. If this child goes to sleep, you better arm yourself if you plan to wake him up.

We have found that spankings don't usually work with Canon, but time-outs do because he HATES being alone. Sometimes though? Sometimes I will wear his behind out if he is acting a fool.

Ok, so Canon doesn't do either of these {and the day he tries, he will feel the wrath of me}, but I do have to remind myself how happy I was to have him on those longs nights of low sleep.

And finally, what do you say honey? Let's do this!

Have a good weekend!

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