Thursday, February 27, 2014

We're All in the Same Boat!

This post actually has nothing to do with the book that shares this title, but we did visit the zoo and see lots of animals and I think of this book whenever we do this activity. Thus, the title of this post.

You can buy this book at It is really cute, and tells the story of the not so pretty side of being cooped up on the ark with a ton of animals for so long. We read it to Canon all the time.

Ah, the paths my mind takes.

Anyway, Canon and I visited the zoo on Tuesday with his best friend. It was great for him to get out of the house, run around an open space, and play with his best mate. It was good for me to get some adult conversation in the middle of the day. We will definitely be taking full advantage of those yearly passes my parents gave us for Christmas. Thank you again Mom and Dad! These things are really going to save us a ton of money. And sanity.

Sidenote : I like to take photos every time we go to the zoo. Shocker, I know. I like the challenge of finding new pictures during each visit though. So you will probably see photos each time we go to the zoo this year. My apologies in advance.

Let's get back to the subject at hand now, shall we?

The boys loved having time and space to roam and play so we just let them be. They all play really well together - ages 4, 3, and 2 - so I guess we should count our blessings in that respect.

This handsome fella' put up with the boys running at him like a champ. We quickly put a stop to that business though and explained that they needed to be gentle, quiet, and proceed slowly so as not to scare him. Thank goodness they listened because I couldn't stop taking pictures of him and he was a cooperative {vain} model.

This next photo makes me giggle for a couple of different reasons. 1} Canon's "surprise face" at the thought of the snake eating him is funny and 2} It looks like the snake is actually about to eat the lady in the background, which I didn't notice until I was editing these photos. It's photo gold, I tell ya. Or at least enough to entertain me during nap time today.

I like to think of the following conversation between mother and child giraffe, as told through these photos.

Kid G : Mmmmm, tastes like chicken.

Mama G : Good grief, child. Were you raised in a barn?!

Kid G : What? The others dared me to do it. They said I couldn't do it without getting a splinter in my tongue.

Mama G *muttering to father* : He gets that from your side of the family.

Yeah that sounds about right.

You could tell spring is right around the corner too. I saw several animals getting busy - from the turtles to the birds. Thankfully, the kids didn't know what was going on so we can save "the talk" for another day.

We had a great visit, and it prompted a new goal for Canon. He now wants to be a zookeeper, mostly because he didn't want to leave. He wants to be the one locking the gates and staying there when the animals sleep. His words, of course.

We will visit again in a couple of weeks, so we will see if he changes his mind then {not likely}. We will also see if I can find anything new to photograph {hopefully}. 

Also, I really like brackets {obviously}.


  1. Those peacock photos are beautiful and so striking! Also, I love your captions ;)

    1. Thank you! Hahaha, I had fun writing them so I am glad you liked them!