Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Three Year Old Obsessions

Canon will be four years old on Saturday. The big oh four. No seriously. I'm not even going to get into the whole "how is this possible?!" or "I wish he could be little forever!" because, although those are both true, it is pointless to waste time being sad that it is moving so quickly. Instead, I have decided to recap Canon's obsessions this year as a way to look back at his year. So here goes.

Canon's Third Year Obsessions

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
To a boy, what could be better than ninja turtles that eat pizza and fight crime. Apparently, it is the perfect storm of awesomeness.

This is a super awesome website that he can do by himself, which is about 100 cool points to begin with. I love it because he is working on his letters, numbers, reading, phonics, and all that jazz. He loves it because it is a super awesome website that he can do by himself. {See what I did there?} My mom, a teacher, introduced me to this little gem and I am so thankful for it because it is such a helpful tool to help me work with him at home.

3. Juice in a box
More specifically anything with a straw so Capri Sun will do as will that to-go cup from the chinese buffet. The marketing geniuses behind this product should be knighted because kids drink that stuff up. Pun intended. Though when the box is squeezed and juice comes flying out of the box and all over the floor,  I am calling for their heads. Seriously, how can you be so smart and so dumb at the same time?!

4. Frozen
The movie and the music. To be fair, though, who isn't? I mean, at least if you are under the age of 5 10 15...ok at least 40. We listen to the soundtrack all day every day. It is a beautiful thing when a child would rather listen to music than watch tv so I am extremely thankful to the musical geniuses behind that soundtrack. I can't wait for the DVD to come out. I bet the Easter Bunny is going to bring it in his Easter basket and will officially be the favorite parent holiday least until Christmas.

5. Ice and snow
Just winter in general really. Thanks in part to the above-mentioned movie and also to the amazing "ice snow" day we had this year, the child prays that the ice will return every morning so we can make an Olaf and go sledding again.

6. Trickery
This may mean hiding behind the shower curtain after his bath and making animal sounds to trick you into thinking a cow has somehow hidden himself in the bathroom. This could mean that instead of Canon you are seeing, it is actually a statue that can not move, talk, or even blink. Or even still, it could just be that he hides behind the door when Craig gets home only to "scare" him once he walks in the door. The kid is destined to be a spy, I tell ya. Covert is his middle name.

7. Tom & Jerry
This is a relatively new finding for him. I bought a collection of these cartoons on DVD when I found out I was pregnant with him because I knew that we would want to introduce him to the awesomeness of this cat and mouse. Just recently, I decided to test the waters during a long car ride to see if it interested him at all. Now every single time we are in the car, he begs to watch it. When I turn it on, there is instant giggling from the back seat. "Mom, this is a funny one!" "That cracks me up!" What can I say? The kid has good taste. {He got it from his mama.}

8. Being the man of the house when Craig is gone
Craig told him a while back that anytime he isn't home that Canon is the man of the house. That means he takes care of me and Ange. Craig meant this to be when he went out of town for business. Canon took it to mean every single day when he went to work. If I take the garbage out, Canon has to go with me to "protect me". When Ange goes into another room to find some peace and quiet {God forbid}, Canon has to check on him to ensure that he is comfortable and not lonely. The power may be going to his head just a little.

9. Holding his breath under water in the bathtub
Also known as swimming, in his mind. Admittedly, he has gotten really good at it. His record so far is 13 seconds {or at least Craig counting to 13} under water. Also, admittedly, it freaks me out to watch because it feels so much longer. He has to practice this several times a night and, of course though it is exactly the same thing every time, I have to come watch. every. single. time.

10. Being a ninja firefighter
It's totally a thing.

11. Traveling 
Craig and I share a serious wanderlust mentality. We want to see and do it all. Thankfully, that has been passed down to Canon. He will see a picture of some far off mountain or forest and the first thing out of his mouth is "I want to go there!". It makes me so proud.

12. Chocolate milk
Our morning routine doesn't even begin to begin until he has his chocolate milk. It's like he can't function without it. He needs it to help him wake up and feel ready to face the day head on. How ridiculous is that?! On that note, I need a break to get more coffee. Hold please.

13. Vehicles
Cars, trains, planes, motorcycles, tractors...if it has wheels he loves it. I used to have a policy that if he had one of some kind of toy then he didn't need another. Then we were introduced to vehicles and all bets were off. He loves them all.

14. Puzzles
It should come as no shock to anyone that my child is a genius. I mean, look at me. I kid, I kid! However, he is seriously good at puzzles. We haven't found one that he can't do and that he doesn't enjoy.

15. Being able to do things that his cousin can't do
I never realized the power of the older child syndrome. "No, Anderson can't have one because she is smaller than you." "I can do this because I'm big, but Anderson can't because she is little." I don't know how we are going to bribe him once his cousin is old enough to do what he does.

16. Certain sayings
There are certain sayings that he picks up from goodness knows where, but his favorites are "that freaks me out" and "that cracks me up".

17. Stacking Elephants
Canon loves to play games and I love for him to be learning something from them. This game has taken our household by storm and I am loving it. I don't even know the actual name of it but we call it "stacking elephants" because you, well, stack the elephants. Didn't I tell you we were geniuses?! Creative too, thank you very much. Anyway, the object of the game is to roll the dice and stack the elephants {and other things} in numerical order. The one that stacks the last numerical elephant without knocking down the tower wins. Sounds amazing right? Well, Canon loves it anyway so we play it. A lot.

18. Being a lion
Not the animal. The soccer team. Ever since Canon's soccer team was named the lions, that is just what he is. If we play a game outside, he is "the lions". If we are going somewhere as a family, he will put his hand in the middle for a cheer and scream "lions!". I don't know what we are going to do when his next soccer team is named something different. I am not sure his little heart can take it.

19. Awana Cubbies
Recently, Canon's best friend invited him to church on Wednesday nights for Cubbies. It is a class that teaches the Bible to preschoolers - on their level and in a way that doesn't seem like they are learning anything. It is brilliant and he LOVES it. Plus, on his first night he got to go to the "treasure chest" because he was the "best in class". Not because he knew anything, but because he was not talking. Because he didn't know anyone. I won't tell him that, though. I will just let him keep thinking that he can be the best in class every time. Whatever keeps him enjoying going.

20. Ange
Lately, Canon has become obsessed with our cat, Ange. He follows him around, hugs on him, makes sure he always has food, and generally annoys the crap out of the cat. Canon has no idea that Ange isn't really a "people cat". He just loves his brother. I, for one, find it hilarious. Sorry, Ange.

I can't wait to see what this next year holds for my baby boy. His personality shines through everything he does and says. I am just glad I am along for the ride.

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