Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Four Years of Adventures

Canon is one lucky little boy. He has so many people that love him so much and he has no idea that it isn't something that everyone has. He turned four a little over a week ago, and since father-in-law couldn't be here for the party, he came to stay the weekend of his actual birthday. While here, Grandpa decided that the only way for a kid to celebrate his birthday was at Chuck E. Cheese. The three adults with him would beg to differ at the end of the stay, but Canon thought it was the most glorious time. We were there for four and a half. looooooong hours. Yeah, I will let that sink in a bit for a minute. The one saving grace was that there were three adults, which meant we got to take turns playing the games.

We decided to take Canon's birthday presents with us because even though he wasn't having a "party" there we knew he would see other birthday parties and wonder why he wasn't opening presents too. Of course, we opened presents before playing all of the games, which meant we were doing this while he was taking in all of his surroundings. Talk about sensory overload. No worries - although these pictures don't portray it, he actually does love his gifts.

When it came time to actually get out and play the games, he quickly found his favorites. There was air hockey, which was played several times.

This game, where he drove this hover craft of sorts, was a huge hit and he was surprisingly good at it.

After the big CEC, we came home to take a nap and ready ourselves for more birthday fun. We rounded out the evening with cake and ice cream and a little balloon-playing action. {Notice the streamers in the background? There were several more and they held balloons at the bottom so that Canon had to walk through them all day. There were some placed at his bedroom door and at the entrance to the kitchen the night before so that he wakes up to some birthday magic. A tradition for the little man. They don't last long, but they sure are fun while they last.}

Happy birthday baby boy. You have brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined. These past four years have been the best adventure and we know the best is yet to come.


  1. Sensory overload for sure! But it looks like SO much fun :D