Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wanderlust : Hillsville, VA 10.30.13 - 11.2.13 - The Piano Guys

I would like to begin things today by saying a special thank you to The Piano Guys for making this trip to Hillsville happen.  You see, my dad and I were talking one evening several months ago and the topic turned to a video on Youtube that he was watching.  He was talking about how much he loved this group and I agreed that they were amazing.  He looked online and remarked that they were coming to Roanoke, VA, which is only about an hour and a half from Hillsville, VA.  He asked if I would be interested in seeing them live.  Um, yes! Craig and I had already been discussing a trip to visit my dad this year so, it was decided right then and there that we and my mom were going to be roadtripping to Virginia in October!

I didn't take my camera because I knew I couldn't use it during the performance anyway, so all I have are a couple of shots from my phone. Take it from me though - they put on an amazing performance.  They are ridiculously talented and they are fantastic entertainers to boot.  A must see for everyone.  Even Canon liked it!

My little dude was styling in jeans and a blazer. 

He couldn't figure out why it wasn't starting immediately. He was just a little impatient, but he was having fun with his grandparents anyway.


This trip was the catalyst for planning this trip to my dad, and with the show being on a Wednesday evening, we were "forced" to stay almost an entire week with him. Without the show, we likely would have only been there for a long weekend. So you see, The Piano Guys bring families together.  They are basically humanitarians. 


I will return tomorrow with more adventures from our trip.  For now, though, do yourself a favor and watch this. {Yes you must, even if you don't like the original song.}

Now go buy tickets to the show nearest you. Seriously, do it now.

**PS - just a reminder that these photos were taken on my phone, and it doesn't do wonderfully in low light.  Please forgive the quality.

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