Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Questions

Given the fact that we went out of town this past weekend on a spur of the moment decision, I didn't have enough time to edit photos for a proper post. Therefore, what you are about to read is a fun little ditty that I put together a while back for you. So, sit back, relax, and allow me to introduce you to another part of my brain. Willkomen.

1. If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

If I won the lottery...Man, that is a game that Craig and I used to play on long road trips.  We would take the Powerball winning amount and do the actual math to determine, after taxes, how much we would bring home from hitting the jackpot.  Then we would divvy it up accordingly:

- 10% to tithing
- Trust fund for Canon
- Money to each of our parents
- Money for each of our siblings
- College set up for all kids in our families and closest friends
- Money for our closest friends
- Money for a house that we designed and built
- A "little" spending cash{usually around $1 mil a piece} for each of us to get it out of our system*
- All that was left {usually multiple millions at this point} went into accounts to build interest

*The spending cash on my end would go towards a Canon 5D Mark III camera with a vast array of lenses, including a standard, telephoto, macro, and wide angle. All of the gadgets that go along with that as well, like cases, lens filters, extra caps, external flashes, etc. I would also get a Macbook Air for travel, and a Macbook with mac-daddy monitor for home, and the full-on Photoshop editing software. After that, I would build my book collection and get some clothes that aren't falling apart. Oh, and I would probably take a girls' trip to a spa for the weekend. Sounds lovely.

2. What is one place in the world you would like to visit?

I can only choose one place?! Ugh. Then I think I will have to choose somewhere in Asia. How about the Chinese countryside? I don't have one specific place in mind, but I have seen pictures of the mountains and rivers with the beautifully simplistic lifestyle of the people, and I would love to experience that.

3. Name something on your bucket list. 

I want to travel the world. Seems ridiculous to state that as "one thing", but it is true. I want to see and experience so much that I would give up living in a house and owning "stuff" in a heartbeat to just go.

4. What's your favorite movie or book?

I love the movie Singin' In The Rain, but I can't choose just one book. That is impossible. I can tell you that I love the classics {everything from Pride and Prejudice to Beowulf to The Canterbury Tales}, psychological thrillers, and government/espionage thrillers the most though.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I think we will be living in Fairhope, AL. Canon will be in 3rd grade {if I am doing my math correctly}, and his sibling will at home with me while Craig works and paints. We will be settled from our RV trip around the 48 states and will be dreaming of our next adventure. Of course, I will still be doing photography, and with any luck, I will actually be making money from it.

6. PC or Mac?

Well, I currently {and have always} owned a PC, but I want a Mac so badly that I can taste it. Not really taste it. That would be weird. And metal-y.

7. Coffee or Energy Drinks?

I love coffee and specialty coffee drinks - with extra caffeine!

8. Drive or fly to a destination?

It depends on the destination as to how to get there. I mean, we like to be able to stop and stretch or happen upon a random sight to see, so driving is nice. However, we didn't purchase the aquatic package on our car, so we have to fly to places outside of these United States. What can I say - we're cheap.

9. Dog lover or cat lover?

I have had my cat for 12 years and I love him so much {even while he is meowing in the middle of the night just to be a brat}. I feel sure, though, that when Canon is older, and Ange is in kitty Heaven, that we will get a dog. As Craig says "we have to do this for Canon". Yeah...

10. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

I would definitely want the power to read minds. And see in the future. But I don't want to see my own death or anything. I just want to know what to do and how to handle certain situations. So, let's say "Selective Seeing", where I am the one making the selections as to what to see. This sounds awesome. Bring it on. 

Dum da da dum!
Here comes Selective Seer Girl!
She is very good at seeing certain things that she deems worthy!

Ok, so that may sound lame. I need a new title. And someone fire that announcer.