Friday, November 22, 2013

Tiny Horses and Easy Living

I told you yesterday about being in Reform, AL for the weekend and wandering my grandparents' land in search of memories and inspiration. Later that same day, though, we decided to head to my cousin's house to visit her and her mini horses.

You got a glimpse of these tiny beauties already, if you follow my Instagram feed. Sandra, my cousin, has several miniature horses, a couple of regular-sized horses, a goat, and a dog that she cares for. She has invited us on several occasions to let Canon come ride the minis so we took her up on her offer during this trip.

There were several in the corral with Canon and Sandra and they were so excited that there was a little boy to play with that they ran up to him and were sniffing and "nippling" him - as Canon would say - or "nibbling" him - as everyone else explained to him.

Canon was so excited to get the chance to ride the horses, but had never actually ridden one before so the first trip proved a little interesting. He actually slid right off of it's back, in slow motion no less, and onto the ground. He didn't have very far to fall so it didn't hurt at all, but it made him wary none the less. I, being the caring and concerned mother, couldn't stop giggling long enough to take a video of the reaction, but trust me when I tell you that it was like watching a Charlie Chaplin film.  Priceless.

He did get back on, though, after Sandra explained to him how to hold on properly. Craig walked alongside him to ensure he didn't fall off again and he had a grand time, however nervous that he was. 

After he rode the little horses, we decided to walk around and see her other animals and land. We toured the garden, picked up pecans that had fallen off of their trees, picked a couple of HUGE pears, and explored the storm cellar. Living in Florida, we can't have storm cellars - they would be filled with water in no time, but there is imperative to own one.

Besides one tiny window, a few chairs, a kerosene lamp, and some canned vegetables, the cellar was pretty empty. I guess you don't want too much getting in your way if you have to hustle down there quickly whilst avoiding a tornado. I can tell you that walking out of the cellar and into daylight - even without a storm having gone through - was extremely eerie so I can only imagine riding out a tornado in there and walking out afterwards to survey the damage. I would liken the feeling to something post-apocalyptic but that hasn't happened yet so I can't say with certainty.

We had a wonderful time relaxing with family and seeing the sites. If you ever need to just get away for a while, I can't think of a better place than in the country. The way of life is slower, as is the cell connectivity. No work emails hounding you or thoughts of bills...just exploring the land and drinking sweet syrup sweet tea. Sounds heavenly? It pretty much is.

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