Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wanderlust : Hillsville, VA 10.30.13 - 11.2.13 - Day 3 - Exploring the mill

After leaving Mayberry and returning to the 21st century, we decided to explore the Mabry Mill in Meadows of Dan, VA. Technically that took us back in time too, so maybe we have a thing for yesteryear. My dad knew of this place prior to our visit, but had not yet explored the area, so we thought it would be a good place for Canon to run around and for us to fuel our love of history. *Nerd alert* 

It was a 45 minute drive so we took in the scenic route and stopped to fuel my photographic addiction. Thanks Dad.

Once we made it to Mabry Mill, we were able to wander through the grounds at will - which meant Canon was able to run around and get his energy out! That was good for all of us, I assure you.

The mill itself was built in 1903 by E.B. Mabry and has been used as a blacksmith and wheelwright shop, a sawmill, and a gritsmill. It is the most photographed spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway, according to the park brochures. Oh and fun fact: this spot has been used in everything from paintings to brochures for other spots to visit in the US since it is so picturesque. Do you get the feeling that we are lied to about so much?! I feel violated. It is beautiful though, so...

Canon read this sign to me.  It states "Please go behind the fence to take pictures." So he did.  

*Note: there were no other people around and he wasn't allowed to leave that spot. Of course, we do not usually condone breaking the rules and we never let him get in other people's way.  Just thought I should put that out there. End note.*


The houses and other structures were moved to this land were added when this site became a part of the National Park service.

Apparently the structures are open for touring on some days, but they seemed to be filled to the brim with supplies when we were there and were locked to visitors. It would certainly have been nice to see the equipment and furnishings of the day, but at least the leaves were beautifully colored and there weren't many people so I was in photog heaven. And there was nothing for Canon to break, so that was a plus.

This structure was the on-site Whiskey Mill.  Someone liked their moonshine a lot because they made GALLONS at a time, and probably made a pretty buck too.

By some divine luck, we had the place to ourselves on the way out so we stopped for a group photo.  Thank goodness for the self-timer and a flat-topped wooden post.

 We spent no more than an hour or so since the sun was setting, but we could have stayed an entire day and taken a picnic lunch on the grounds. Additionally, there is a general store and restaurant at the entrance that could be enjoyed.  It is truly a beautiful place - I definitely recommend a stop here if you are travelling the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Tomorrow is the last day of our trip recap. Try to refrain from crying too much. It will mess up your make-up. Unless you're a guy. Maybe you wear guyliner though, so...anyway.  I'll see you then!

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