Thursday, August 28, 2014

Splish Splash

A few weeks ago my mom decided to take Canon on a "date" and I was lucky enough to tag along. She took us to see Planes : Fire and Rescue. I found myself laughing on several occasions at jokes that Disney so kindly included for the adults that accompanied their target audience. Canon enjoyed the movie, and LOVED the popcorn. That is the reason to go to a movie theatre, after all.

The theatre itself is located in a shopping center that also boasts a sweet splash pads for the kiddos. Mom suggested that we round out our date with a little splash action. I think you can guess who was game.

It took him a few minutes to decide that getting completely soaked was, in fact, a good idea.

But once he did, all bets were off.

He ran and splashed and kicked and karate chopped the water until we dragged him away after more than an hour.

He studied the way water reacts when you step on it or sit on it. It was all very scientific.

He tried to join in the games that the big kids were playing, but found it much more fun to play alone.  They wouldn't really give him the time of day. Bless his heart.

Some children his age did finally arrive and he was so excited to finally have a little boy his age to play with. How is it that every child instinctively does the same thing at splash pads? They all hit and kick the jets and run under the water arches. Is it an unwritten rule that they must all follow?

On numerous occasions, he would look directly into a jet and wait for the water to splash his face. Though I would likely find that unnerving, he seemed to find it completely amusing and continued to do this over and over again.

I'd say it was the best date he's ever had. Good luck trying to top that one for a while, ladies.

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