Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A More Natural Lifestyle : The Back Story

Less than a year ago, our world was so different. I would wake up at the absolute last minute to get ready and get to work to spend my whole day sitting at a desk. In the afternoon, I would pick up Canon from daycare and run home to fix some meal-in-a-bag that had been in the freezer for who-knows-how-long and then play with Canon until it was time for bed. Things were hectic and crazy and my life revolved around work and our son.

Then I lost my job.

And it was the best thing that could have happened in regards to taking care of myself. You see, the stress of money loss got to both Craig and me. Things were said in the heat of the moment and a light bulb went off. Somewhere along the way after having Canon, I lost myself. I poured my whole self into him. I neglected taking care of myself and my marriage for four years. I had one happy kid, but I felt horrible about myself and had been failing to be the wife that I should have been all those years.

Right then and there, I vowed to transform my mind, body, and soul. I decided to dedicate time and energy to myself everyday, because when I feel healthy and happy I am a much better me. And a much better wife. And, let's face it, a much better mom.

I began researching healthier and more cost effective ways to cook wonderful meals that my boys would like. I began changing my routine to fit in time just with Craig to remind him just how much I love him. I started trying to find ways to save money on things like household cleaners and toiletries by using natural products instead of harsh chemicals. And I started working out. This was two-fold : it made me feel better and Craig started to take notice of the physical changes. Trust me, I know how that sounds. I typed and retyped the last half of that sentence about seven times. I didn't want it to sound like Craig is that superficial. He isn't. At all. But there is something to be said for physical attraction in a marriage. We are all human after all.

This doesn't mean that things changed over night, but there has been a wonderful side effect to this eye-opener. It sparked in me a desire to be much more careful about what we put in our bodies and come in contact with on a daily basis. This has been a fairly slow transformation for me, but I think I am all in now. It has evolved from "how do I save money?" to "how can I be sure my family is healthy while saving money?". You would think that would be one in the same, but unfortunately it isn't.

This transformation is definitely still a work in progress and I am excited to see what's in store for us. It is becoming a COMPLETE lifestyle transformation for me and I am absolutely loving the effects so far. I still get eye rolls from Craig on some things that I do, but he has yet to completely discount anything. Because it all works.

Ten thousand extra bonus points for me because we are finally all happy and getting healthy.

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