Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Weekend in Blue Ridge

Ah, Blue Ridge, GA. This is the second time in just a few months that we have visited this beautiful, quaint, mountain town. You see, my father-in-law and his girlfriend are looking to buy a cabin there for the family to enjoy. That translates to them coming up to tour homes, and us spending time with them in the process. Win win, as they say, right Craig? #hehatesthatsaying

During this particular trip, we actually stayed in Mineral Bluff, GA, which is so close to the North Carolina line that if you miss your turn into the residential neighborhood and go about 3 minutes down the road you will end up in the Tar Heel State. Not that we know that from experience or anything.

The cabin that our hosts rented for a few days was called High Expectations, and I made the joke upon driving in that it better live up to mine. Well, smart...butt, it did.

This is the view from the porch. I mean, it's not that bad I suppose. If you don't have high expectations or anything. Har!

The cabin was absolutely beautiful, with natural wood and rustic decor throughout. The owners thought of everything when it came to outfitting their guests to ensure a comfortable stay. Well, except for salt and pepper. #random They did provide board games, though so that was nice.

Sherie {my father-in-law's girlfriend's sister} and Canon really bonded on this trip. She has a son who is now a marine and said that Canon reminded her of her Michael. Whatever the reason, their personalities just clicked and it was really sweet to watch.

Though we didn't really hike on this particular trip, we did venture up the paved road on the mountain where the neighborhood was located. Canon did a really good job, but began to get tired on the way back so of course Daddy's shoulders were the natural spot to land.

Even though we were "hiking" an actual road, there were so many beautiful plants and flowers along the way that I stopped to take them all in. I don't know what any of them are called though, so if you know please share the wealth.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend, but on Saturday the clouds were especially cool. They came in, hugging the tops of the mountains, rolling like fog. It was so cool to witness.

We drove in to Blue Ridge on Saturday for a walk around the town and the first thing that Canon saw was this big moose. Being my child, he said "Hey mom check it out! Take my picture with it!". He did call it an "it" because he didn't actually know what "it" was. He did, however, know how to pose.

Andrea {aka Grandma - on the right} and Sherie got in on the photo shoot action, but Canon never broke character. He continued posing just like a good little model. With zero prompting from me. It was hilarious.

The same was made for this pig at Blue Ridge Mountain Bar-B-Q. We ate lunch here, and from what I hear the ribs and bbq were wonderful. I can only attest to the goodness of the sides {and they were} since I don't eat bbq. Regardless of what we ate, I think we can safely assume that Canon enjoyed this pig the best of anything there. He hung out with it for quite a while - until we finally made him get in the car.

So pretend you are a small insect and you get stuck in this web. You are struggling to escape when you see what appears to be a gigantic monster with white fangs come at you. But then, wait. That's actually the monster's butt. Ok, that may be even scarier.

This little guy was hanging out on the decking of the cabin. I don't know his story, but those black patches of mohawk hair are seriously rockin'.

We saw a ton of different kinds of mushrooms and Canon asked if we could eat them - every single time. While I tried to explain to him that he should never eat mushrooms unless he gets them from the store or restaurant because they could make him really sick, Sherie tried explaining what a bad trip was. Not exactly what I had in mind in terms of safe nature education, but whatever works I guess.

Andrea and Sherie's mother was with us too, but is anti-photos of herself so she didn't join in our group shot. Bummer!

We had a wonderfully relaxing time that weekend and enjoyed the company of our family so much. Blue Ridge is quickly becoming a favorite place to unwind and we are already looking forward to the day when "Grandpa and Grandma" have a cabin where we can all meet for fun family times.

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