Monday, August 18, 2014

If the sight of things that are no longer living repulses you, do not read this post

Ok, so not the best way to title my blog post, but I didn't want any backlash over these pictures. Here's the back story on them. And, for the record, no I definitely did not kill {or witness the killing} of these animals. Most assuredly not.

Our last trip to Reform, AL happened to fall on the same weekend as a family reunion. I say "a family reunion" because, although technically they are related to us, it wasn't a reunion that I would have normally been invited to. It was the family of my grandmother's sister's family. That would be my great aunt, for those following along. My grandmother really wanted her see her nieces, nephews, and their families so we went. I didn't know about 80% of the people that were there, but we had a great time nonetheless. I will post about the reunion itself tomorrow, but it was held at the house where all of my great aunt's children grew up. The house has been vacant for many years, but has been used as a hunting camp in some instances because it sits on a lot of land owned by the family. Thus, the house is habitable, the barn and surrounding structures are in disrepair and there are more than a few interesting "artifacts" to be discovered on the grounds.

I am not sure why, but one such item really caught my eye. I am told that this skull belonged to a deer at one time. I don't know if it was the fact that it was completely clean and so didn't appear to be even real or what, but I just couldn't stop shooting it.

At one point, Craig asked if he should be worried about me. After all, I usually shoot beautiful things like flowers and landscapes. Now, I was fixated on death. I didn't see it that way though. I looked at this skull and saw the absolute perfect craftsmanship of a graceful creature. Yes, he was no longer alive, but he was still beautiful. To me at least. As they say, perspective is everything.

I am not one to decorate with skulls in my house. No one in my immediate family even hunts. Normally, I would probably be repulsed by something like this. I really can't explain the draw that day, but I am glad that I was able to see the beauty in something that I would have normally shunned.

This guy reminded me of a dementor. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but that image never left my mind.

I apologize if any of these images were disturbing to you - though to be honest I did warn you. I promise not to include any more macabre images in the rest of the posts to come. I hope you will join me tomorrow to hear about all things reunion and well, life.

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