Friday, August 16, 2013

Wanderlust : The History of our Love for Disney World

Fact: Craig and I are actually just two children at heart and we LOVE acting silly and laughing. A LOT.  We are not the people that have Disney paraphernalia in our house (aside from anything that Canon has for toys).  We aren't obsessed with The Mouse.  We just love the fun-loving atmosphere, the beautiful sites, and the AMAZING food there is to offer.

I want to take this moment to take credit for introducing Craig to the magic of Disney World.  We were dating at the time, and were taking a cruise that left from Port Canaveral.  This is about an hour from Orlando.  Of course, you can't go to Orlando without going to Disney World, so I had the grand idea to spend two days in the parks before heading back to our homes.  Craig thought I was ridiculous (and probably immature), but he really liked me so he decided to play along.  Hook.  Line.  Sinker.

Our days of going to the gym every single day ended after this trip.
Also, these pictures are from a point & shoot (long before my love for photography was uncovered) so making them larger made them even grainier.  Thus, small pictures.

Why yes, I am ridiculous.

We decided to stay in a hotel off Disney property because it was cheaper and we were only there for two nights. (We learned really quickly that this is what NOT to do because of the bus rides to the parks stopping at EVERY HOTEL ALONG THE WAY and the fact that it takes more than an hour to get there every day. I digress.)  However, this trip solidified our love for each other and, more importantly, our love for Disney World. (Kidding, babe! I definitely love you more than Disney World.)

We honeymooned for 10 days in Disney World two years later and vowed to return with our child(ren) one day.

 Coffee every morning was a must.

 Waiting for A Bug's Life in 3-D.

 Eating at one of our favorite restaurants in the world. To date.  Le Cellier is located in the Canada Pavillion in EPCOT.  

Visiting Disney without children is amazing.  There are long strolls hand-in-hand, eating at fancy restaurants with amazing food and wine over candle light, and watching the fireworks while snuggled up together and savoring every second.  You do exactly what you want, when you want, and aren't on a schedule or worried about eating three square meals a day (i.e. you can get ice cream anytime you want).  It is all about you.

These two photos were taken by PhotoPass photographers.  Photopass is a service that allows you to have your photo taken by Disney photographers set up all over every park.  You can take as many photos as you want on your trip and it doesn't matter how many people are in your party.  The price never changes so it really pays to stop at every photographer you see.  At least that is what I always tell Craig.  It is a must for us so that we are sure to get photos with all of us together to commemorate our trip.

Tomorrow I will be back with a look at our Disney trip from this year...with Canon.  You won't believe the difference.  Yeah, you probably will, but indulge me.

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  1. Looks like such fun!! :) I love the last photo!

    1. Oh thanks! We had such a blast. I know people thought we were crazy for spending our honeymoon there, but it was definitely the best for us!