Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wanderlust : Disney World 2013 - Day 3

When we last left off, Canon developed a high fever during the fireworks show.  We spent a while in the infirmary of Magic Kingdom.  Sidenote:  These facilities are wonderful.  There is an infirmary for adults and older children and a separate one for babies and small children.  They stock everything from medicine to pacifiers and are ready to assist you with anything you may need.

After his fever came down and we slept through the night, I awoke with high hopes for the day.  My father-in-law, heretofore known as Grandpa, was coming to spend time with us at the parks! To say that Canon was excited would be an understatement.  He LOVES Grandpa.  However, as I was getting him dressed, I noticed that he was not very responsive and quickly becoming very pale.  Now, this is a very scary thing as a parent - to see your child losing consciousness.  Luckily though, I am not a stranger to this feeling or what to do in this situation.  My family is known for fainting.  We have a knack for it.  I fainted for the first time on Christmas morning because I was so excited and I didn't eat.  My blood sugar dropping, combined with the adrenaline of the situation, caused me to pass out in the bathroom when I was roughly 6 years old. Christmas morning in our family now has a rule:  you can't join in the festivities until you eat something.  You're welcome, everyone. Therefore, when this happened with Canon, I thankfully recognized the situation and asked Craig to quickly bring me some chocolate cookies (STAT!).  I made Canon eat one, and then another.  He regained his color and his energy, and then of course asked for more cookies.  From that moment on, I was so strict about him eating at every meal that I know everyone around me thought I was a tyrant.  I didn't care.  I refused to have to go through that panic again!  Note to self:  Canon HAS to eat especially when he is so excited and overwhelmed by a situation.  Just like his momma.  Go big or go home.

With that exciting episode behind us, we prepared to see Grandpa!  We had reservations to eat at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom for a character breakfast.  Let me pause to say that this is some of the best food we had on the trip.  If you are going to Disney, plan to eat breakfast here!  The vast selection of foods is almost overwhelming, so let me give you permission to TRY IT ALL!  Totally worth it.  Besides, calories don't count when you are on vacation.

We then spent the rest of the day exploring Animal Kingdom.  We went on safari, explored the different lands of Asia, and the big boys rode Everest while Canon napped in the stroller. Although I realize that we weren't in Asia or Africa, the details and atmosphere sparked even more interest in me to visit these regions and explore all that they have to offer.  As if I actually needed more incentive to do that!


Fun fact:  I took a picture of every single set of cars that came down and found Craig and his dad in this one.  They are in the last car.

After a full day of exploring, we headed back to the hotel to wash up.  We all stayed at the newly constructed Art of Animation resort.  The lobby is adorned with sketches from several classic Disney movies and each wing is dedicated to a specific movie.  We stayed in the Little Mermaid section and Canon thought it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.  "Under the Sea" may have been sung a few times.  A day.

After freshening up, we headed to the Fort Wilderness Resort for a dinner and show called the Hoop Dee Doo Review.  Yes, it is exactly how it sounds.  You eat down home cooking in a large cabin that is designed as a saloon from the wild west.  Performers put on a comedy show, complete with singing and dancing that will have you giggling, regardless of who you are.  It is such an entertaining show that I suggest that everyone experience it at least once.

All in all, a wonderful first day with Grandpa.  Come back tomorrow for Day 4.  I know you are on the edge of your seat.

(P.S. - check out recaps of days 12, 4, and 5 here.)


  1. The "jungle" is so realistic... how fun!! (and of course, no snakes and fewer bugs, right?:D)
    I'm living vicariously through your disney-experience, I can't believe I've never wanted to go, it just never seemed this fun! :)Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Oh yeah, Disney is so much more than just The Mouse. There is literally something for everyone and it is impossible not to have fun. The jungle (and everything else) is incredible, but amazingly I have never seen a bug (or snake). I never even thought about it. Inconceivable! (hehe)