Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wanderlust: Cheaha State Park 2011

Confession:  I have an obsession with seeing the world.  I read blogs daily written by expats or those two travel constantly.  I am jealous of them and their opportunities to travel this amazing planet.  Therefore I am starting a series that will document my travels.  Some are exciting, some are not.  I intend to make a life of it and will continue to add to this as I go.

Mount Cheaha is the highest peak in the state of Alabama.  That seems incredibly impressive until you hear that it is only a little over 2,400 feet high.  Obviously, Alabama isn't a very mountainous state.  Let's keep going.  Anyway, Cheaha State Park is an absolutely beautiful place to visit.  It is located in the Talladega National Forest, and has lodging in a hotel-type setting, log cabins, chalets, or for the very adventurous, camping sites available.

We got lost on the way, as GPS apparently doesn't work in rural Alabama?!  We stopped in a small town at the car maintenance shop and a very nice gentleman (who called Craig "Pilgrim") gave us directions.

Craig and I have gone a couple of times, as it is an inexpensive trip, a relatively short drive from where we live, and is such a peaceful place to unwind.  We stay in a cabin each time and love having the place to ourselves for a few days.  It is definitely cozy, and I will suggest making sure that your cabin has a jet tub in it.  Use it every night to ensure that you are not sore after your day of hiking up some really amazing and, at times, strenuous trails.  Ok, strenuous for me but probably not for the avid hiker.  Whatever. 

This particular trip we took as a retreat for just the two of us.  Canon was just over a year old and we decided that we needed to take some time just for us.  Sidenote:  We feel it is very important to date each other even though we are married.  We make a point to have date nights fairly often (thanks Mom!) and even take weekend getaways occasionally.

Roughing it includes drinking wine from coffee mugs because THERE AREN'T ANY WINE GLASSES!

We first learned of Cheaha from my grandparents.  They loved to stay in the chalets for a week or so.  My grandfather loved to read on the porch while my grandmother crocheted beside him in the rocking chair.  They loved dinner in the restaurant and feeding the deer and other wildlife off of the balcony.  The absolute peace and quite was their favorite part.  

Three guesses as to what created these holes.  Anyone?  Bueller?  Yeah, woodpeckers.  I am sure you all got it on the first try, but I definitely did not figure it out for a while.


Though we may not return for a while, as there are many other places to see, we will always have a soft spot for Cheaha.  The beauty and adventure abounds through the trails and waterfalls.  Just watch for snakes!

Note to self:  Taking a photo like this with a 10 second timer and crawling over rocks to get into place is not for the faint of heart.

I highly recommend a stay in Cheaha State Park just to get away from the taxing day-to-day of life.  It is a great place to recharge your batteries and take in the fresh air and beauty that this world has to offer.  What are some other peaceful trips that you would recommend?  Anyone out there experience Cheaha too?


  1. Hi :) It looks like a great place to relax, I love the wine in coffee mugs! :) As for the last photo, don't you sometimes wish you had a personal photographer following you around taking sweet photos? Would make things so much easier... ;)

    1. Girl, yes! When we go to Disney World we "splurge" on the PhotoPass that they offer because you will actually get photos of your entire group together and they are good. I wish every vacation spot did that. :)

  2. What a beautiful place!!! Thanks for linking up!