Monday, October 27, 2014

Flower Child

Ah, the country. There is just nothing like it. Things bloom here in such vibrancy that it is impossible not to notice. I know this post is mostly just pictures of flowers, but since that is what I love to shoot the most I can't apologize for it. These were all found on my family's land, growing wild and free. They beckoned me. 

I know this isn't the best photo, but I had to include it because well, have you ever seen a hummingbird perch?! Look closely and you can see one just hanging out on the middle branch.

As usual, the boys did their jobs when we arrived - unfurling the flag and releasing the air out of her well's pipes. In addition, this time Canon helped Grandmama plant some bulbs in her above-ground garden. My uncle built this for her and it is perfect for her because she can still do her planting and gardening without falling to the ground trying to reach it. Brilliant.

Sidenote : I want one of these above-ground gardens. They are so cool!!! 

Grandmama showed Canon how to till the soil, dig a hole for the bulb and recover the hole, patting the soil down gently but not tight. They had so much fun playing in the dirt!

I am anxious to see what comes from this planting, mostly because I have forgotten what they actually planted. We should only have to wait a year - or less. :)

Our October visit was especially nice because my brother, Walker, went with us. Being so close to us means that he can just hitch a ride with us anytime in order to visit our grandmother. Getting some real fresh air is always welcomed by him as well, so while everyone was napping on Saturday he and I set out to explore a patch of gorgeous flowers that we saw driving earlier in the day.

Walker got the idea in his head that he would learn how to create a flower crown because "little girls do it all the time so it can't be that hard!". Doesn't everyone think like this?!

It took a while, but he finally did create it. It probably would have only fit a {tiny} doll's head, but he figured it out!

While he worked on his crown, I took to exploring all of the flowers.

The house in the background belonged to my great grandfather, his father before, and so on. It survived the Civil War and even boasted gunshot wounds from that time for years. One of my uncles inherited the house and it has passed down through his family since. There are a lot of changes to the house, including the now filled-in bullet holes, but it is still so precious to our family.

But wait, there's more! We had a wonderful time during this visit and I have more to share with you so come back tomorrow for a glimpse at some of the most beautiful spider lilies. Ever.

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