Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drop-dead depot

A few weeks ago we took our explorations to Amicalola Falls State Park. I will tell you more about the park later because I wanted to show you what we discovered on the drive to there.You see, we passed an old railroad depot in Tate, GA and it yelled at me. More precisely, I saw it and really, really, really wanted to take pictures of it. I didn't have to ask to stop though because my dear, sweet husband heard its call and pulled over before I even had a chance. Good man.

The paint was peeling perfectly and the colors blended to create a beautiful scene. I mean, this is one sexy situation going on. 

I know that when paint colors and types of wood are chosen that they don't take into account how they will look once the years have weathered them down. Seriously though, these choices were superb.

Does anyone else look at this and think of Alice In Wonderland? I can't not see it. "See for yourself!"

So you see, I had to stop and capture this place before we even made it to our actual destination. It was totally worth it.

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