Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Did you catch that Fiddler On The Roof reference?


Ok, then.  Anyway...

We have a tradition in our family that dates way back.  Like 6 years.  Ok, so that is way less than a millisecond in geological time, but for us it is important. See, Craig and I,on our first date (that lasted 10 hours and several different locations), went to Bellingrath Gardens to see the Christmas lights display.  We also got engaged there, a year after our first date.  (Not to the day or anything, but you get the idea).  This place is special to us.  So, we make sure to go every year to see the lights.

This year, we were especially excited to take Canon since he has been gaga over Christmas lights all season.  Though he wasn't as vocal about it as I had anticipated, he was mesmerized by the sights.  I think he was also a little overwhelmed.  Not that blame him.  It is a lot to take in.

This year, we took my youngest siblings with us.  My sister and two of my brothers, along with my brother's friend, made the hour long journey that did not disappoint.  Amazingly enough, even the too-cool-for-school young adults enjoyed themselves.

So without further adieu, feast your eyes on one of our Christmas traditions. Oh, and fair warning:  photo overload ahead.

One of my brothers and my sister being goofy...

Another brother being goofy...notice a family trend?

Ah, here is the spot where Craig and I we got engaged!

My sweet baby angel

 Never forget the real reason for the season!  Praise Him from whom ALL blessings flow.

I will be back with more Christmas goodness soon!

I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Christmas!!!

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