Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Call for Love

I read a very powerful blog post today.  Let me preface this by saying that although I may not agree with everything said (i.e. I DO believe that the only truth is God), I do agree with the call to love everyone.  After reading this post and some comments towards it, I felt the need to comment.  Then I felt the need to share this comment - not because I want praise for it - but because I need the reminder every day to let my light shine.  To make that my priority.  To To profess always, with my actions and words, the love of God to those around me.  So here is my response, my reminder to myself.

"I am a Christian and I have never understood the bigotry that some people feel. I absolutely believe that we should hate the sin, but not the sinner. We are actually called NOT to judge, but to love one another as Christ has loved us - that is the second commandment and one of the most important. It doesn't say love one another unless you don't like something about them. The disgusting behavior that some so-called Christians perform furthers Satan's work and shows all non-believers not who Christ is but who Satan wants them to see. God has never, and will never, hate anyone. He loves each of us. We are His children, regardless of what we do. If your child were to come home drunk, high, covered in tattoos or profess to be gay, would you stop loving them?! I know I couldn't. It wouldn't matter if I didn't agree with their lifestyle. They would still be my children that I love more than life itself. We are completely incapable of understanding, but God loves each of us even more than that. I can't fathom that. While we as humans sit around writhing in our hatred for others, His heart breaks for all of us. Sin is sin, no matter what type. Our judgements, our hatred, our stone throwing is just as "bad" as those we are judging. Actually, worse, since we profess to be something we are actually not living. So this is a call to all CHRISTIANS. Be the light. Stand firm in your faith and remember that God loves EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or lifestyle choices. Profess the gospel always - use words if necessary. The more we do this, the more His light shines throughout the world. THAT is our calling. THAT is our job. THAT is what we will be judged for when our time comes."

If you would like to read the blog post that started all of this, please follow this link.  

Have a wonderful day!!! 


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