Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trying Something New

You know those days when you feel like everyone around you is amazing?  When everyone around you is accomplishing what you are trying (and failing) to do?  When everyone is so much more successful with half the work?  I have those days.  A lot.  I am coming to the conclusion trying to force myself to remember that it is pointless to focus all of my energy on things that don't matter.  Instead, I need to focus on the things that God has blessed me with.  Therefore, I am beginning a blog of my life:  the good, the bad, and the crazy.  Even though I know that it is most likely that no one else will read this, I can come back when I am feeling less than desirable and remind myself how lucky I truly am.  I am one blessed girl. 

So, to start off, I will tell you that this blog will cover everything from my wonderful husband, my child, my family, our house projects and our many adventures.  Will it always be amazing?  No.  Will it ever be perfect?  Absolutely not.  Will it always be real life?  Oh yes.  Welcome to it.

Ok, so a little about me and my life.  I am a 30 something wife, mother and wanna-be DIYer.  I work full time for peanuts and cherish those moments when I am with the loves of my life. 

(**Note:  I am having trouble finding a picture of myself...something I am trying to remedy**) 

My husband, Craig, is a rock star.  He works really hard to provide a better life for us.  Currently, he is working full time and studying 30+ hours a week to become a licensed architect.  His drive and determination amaze me everyday.  Oh, and he still finds time to come home and cook dinner for us. 

Yep, I'm lucky.

Twenty one months ago, God entrusted us (?!) with a baby boy.  He is the drama-inducing, comic relieving, crazy little dude we call Canon.   He entered the world and we haven't stopped moving since.  I honestly don't know how we filled our time before he came around.

Ok, so now that you have a cast of characters you are ready to hear my life story, right? Hahaha, no.  That would be boring.  You will, however, get a glimpse into everyday life here in the D house.  (Dude, that sounds gangsta'.  It's definitely not.)  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do!




  1. You are not 30-something for at least two more days! ;)

  2. We share sentiments. I have been struggling with the "peer pressure" of succeeding with worldly things as well and it is hard to stay focused on what really matters sometimes. I look forward to this!

  3. Hehe, this is true Joy...

    Thanks Dana! Here's hoping we both succeed!